My [old] DWM config
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My old personal DWM config. I don't use this anymore, because I use lemonDots now.

Tested on Arch(btw) only.


  • Copy this repo's contents to your homedir
  • cd into lemondwm and make clean && doas make install (repeat this step every time you modify the config)
  • Use startx to start everything


Everything here is based on ChadWM


  • barpadding
  • bottomstack
  • cfacts
  • dragmfact
  • dragcfact (taken from bakkeby's build)
  • gaplessgrid
  • horizgrid
  • layoutmenu
  • movestack
  • vanity gaps
  • colorful tags
  • statuspadding
  • status2d
  • tatami
  • underline tags
  • notitle