Yash Karandikar karx

Dotfiles for my laptop

Updated 5 days ago

Discord-IRC bridge written in Rust

Updated 7 days ago

Source code for karx.xyz created using Zola

Updated 1 week ago

Visualize audio on an arduino using cava

Updated 2 weeks ago

Snake game on catbox

Updated 3 weeks ago

interpolated lookup table

Updated 4 weeks ago

rust playground discord bot

Updated 1 month ago

west sweep onh

Updated 2 months ago

advent of code 2022

Updated 4 months ago

This is the robot code for the 2022-2023 "Free Of Charge" FTC team at PWSH.

Updated 4 months ago

karx's `surf` configuration

Updated 5 months ago

karx's tabbed config

Updated 5 months ago

weechat-notify 2, implemented as a native plugin instead of a script with a library.

Updated 5 months ago

Game engine in Rust

Updated 5 months ago

2 much 2 do (AKA: tmtd part 2)

Updated 7 months ago