Lightning-fast and Powerful Code Editor written in Rust
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Lightning-fast And Powerful Code Editor

Lapce (IPA: /læps/) is written in pure Rust with a UI in Floem (which is also written in Rust). It is designed with Rope Science from the Xi-Editor which makes for lightning-fast computation, and leverages Wgpu for rendering. More information about the features of Lapce can be found on the main website and user documentation can be found on GitBook.


  • Built-in LSP (Language Server Protocol) support to give you intelligent code features such as: completion, diagnostics and code actions
  • Modal editing support as first class citizen (Vim-like, and toggleable)
  • Built-in remote development support inspired by VSCode Remote Development. Enjoy the benefits of a "local" experience, and seamlessly gain the full power of a remote system.
  • Plugins can be written in programming languages that can compile to the WASI format (C, Rust, AssemblyScript)
  • Built-in terminal, so you can execute commands in your workspace, without leaving Lapce.


You can find pre-built releases for Windows, Linux and macOS here, or installing with a package manager. If you'd like to compile from source, you can find the guide.


Guidelines for contributing to Lapce can be found in

Feedback & Contact

The most popular place for Lapce developers and users is on the Discord server.

Or, join the discussion on Reddit where we are just getting started.

There is also a Matrix Space, which is linked to the content from the Discord server.


Lapce is released under the Apache License Version 2, which is an open source license. You may contribute to this project, or use the code as you please as long as you adhere to its conditions. You can find a copy of the license text here: LICENSE.