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Gallant's Linux Dotfiles



To be Noted

  • Everblush is a dark and beautiful colorscheme which I've used in my latest rice.
  • I use bspwm as my daily life window manager bcuz its super minimal and fill my needs.
  • I mostly use Nerd Font, Here - CaskaydiaCove Nerd Font Mono.
  • For GTK3 I use my custom Everblush theme made with Phocus/gtk3. Also you might need to modify the theme according to your preference ^-^
  • I am using polybar


  • Clone this repository to your $HOME dir.

After you're done with cloning the repository. Install the following packages

bspwm-rounded-corners sxhkd tint2 polybar alacritty xwallpaper maim imagemagick.

For compository I use compix. You need to build it from the official repository.

After you're done with all this, copy the configuration files from cloned directory to particular path.

Thank You