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This is a list of major changes in SDL's version history.
* SDL headers should now be included as `#include <SDL3/SDL.h>`
* Many functions and symbols have changed since SDL 2.0, see the [migration guide](docs/ for details
* The preprocessor symbol __MACOSX__ has been renamed __MACOS__
* The preprocessor symbol __IPHONEOS__ has been renamed __IOS__
* SDL_stdinc.h no longer includes stdio.h, stdlib.h, etc., it only provides the SDL C runtime functionality
* SDL_intrin.h now includes the intrinsics headers that were in SDL_cpuinfo.h
* Added SDL_CreateSurface() and SDL_CreateSurfaceFrom() which replace SDL_CreateRGBSurface*(), and can also be used to create YUV surfaces
* Added SDL_GetJoysticks(), SDL_GetJoystickInstanceName(), SDL_GetJoystickInstancePath(), SDL_GetJoystickInstancePlayerIndex(), SDL_GetJoystickInstanceGUID(), SDL_GetJoystickInstanceVendor(), SDL_GetJoystickInstanceProduct(), SDL_GetJoystickInstanceProductVersion(), and SDL_GetJoystickInstanceType() to directly query the list of available joysticks
* Added SDL_GetGamepads(), SDL_GetGamepadInstanceName(), SDL_GetGamepadInstancePath(), SDL_GetGamepadInstancePlayerIndex(), SDL_GetGamepadInstanceGUID(), SDL_GetGamepadInstanceVendor(), SDL_GetGamepadInstanceProduct(), SDL_GetGamepadInstanceProductVersion(), and SDL_GetGamepadInstanceType() to directly query the list of available gamepads
* Added SDL_GetSensors(), SDL_GetSensorInstanceName(), SDL_GetSensorInstanceType(), and SDL_GetSensorInstanceNonPortableType() to directly query the list of available sensors
* SDL_GetTicks() now returns a 64-bit value and the tick values should be directly compared instead of using the SDL_TICKS_PASSED macro
* Added SDL_GetTicksNS() to return the number of nanoseconds since the SDL library initialized
* Added SDL_DelayNS() to specify a delay in nanoseconds, to the highest precision the system will support
* The timestamp member of the SDL_Event structure is now in nanoseconds, filled in with the time the event was generated, or the time it was queued if that's not available
* Added SDL_modf() and SDL_modff() to separate the whole and fractional portions of a floating point number
* Added SDL_aligned_alloc() and SDL_aligned_free() to allocate and free memory with a given alignment
* Added SDL_GetRenderVSync() to get vsync of the given renderer
* Added SDL_PlayAudioDevice() to start audio playback
* Added SDL_ConvertAudioSamples() to convert audio samples from one format to another