My AwesomeWM Configuration Files
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Rice Preview

AwesomeWM Logo Aesthetic AwesomeWM Dotfiles

Welcome to my AwesomeWM configuration files!

so yeah now i'm using awesomewm, looks like i'll be use this wm forever.

Because only this wm can satisfy me.

Fyi, I use night colorscheme, and it's so beautiful.

These dotfiles are made with love, for sure.

Here are some details about my setup:

Programs Using
WM awesome
OS arch linux
Terminal wezterm
Shell zsh
Editor neovim / vscode
Compositor picom
Launcher rofi


This is step-by-step how to install these dotfiles. Just R.T.F.M.

  1. Install dependencies and enable services

    • Dependencies
    • Arch Linux (and all Arch-based distributions)

      *Assuming your AUR helper is* `yay`
      yay -Sy awesome-git picom-ibhagwan-git wezterm rofi todo-bin acpi acpid \
      wireless_tools jq inotify-tools polkit-gnome xdotool xclip maim \
      brightnessctl alsa-utils alsa-tools pulseaudio lm_sensors \
      mpd mpc mpdris2 ncmpcpp playerctl --needed 
    • Services

      # For automatically launching mpd on login
      systemctl --user enable mpd.service
      systemctl --user start mpd.service
      # For charger plug/unplug events (if you have a battery)
      sudo systemctl enable acpid.service
      sudo systemctl start acpid.service
  2. Install needed fonts

    You will need to install a few fonts (mainly icon fonts) in order for text and icons to be rendered properly.

    Necessary fonts:

    Once you download them and unpack them, place them into ~/.fonts or ~/.local/share/fonts.

  3. Install my AwesomeWM configuration files

    Clone this repository

    git clone
    cd dotfiles

    Copy config and binaries files

    cp -r config/* ~/.config/
    cp -r bin/* ~/.local/bin/
    cp -r misc/. ~/

    You have to add TODO_PATH in your env variable

    export TODO_PATH="path/to/todo"
  4. Configure stuff

    The relevant files are inside your ~/.config/awesome directory.

    • User preferences and default applications

      In rc.lua there is a Default Applications section where user preferences and default applications are defined. You should change those to your liking.

      Note: For the weather widgets to work, you will also need to create an account on openweathermap, get your key, look for your city ID, and set openweathermap_key and openweathermap_city_id accordingly.

  5. Lastly, log out from your current desktop session and log in into AwesomeWM.


These are the features included in my AwesomeWM setups!

  • Beautiful colorscheme ikr, named night and created by ner0z
  • Aesthetic Dashboard ngl.
  • Custom mouse-friendly ncmpcpp UI with album art ofc.
    • Preview

      this is so aesthetic isn't it?

      ncmpcpp preview
  • Word Clock Lockscreen with PAM Integration
    • A beautiful word clock is on the lockscreen!

      word clock lockscreen preview
  • Notification Center
  • Control Panel
  • ToDo Reminder
  • Battery Indicator
  • PopUp Notifications
  • Applications Launcher
  • Some Tooltip Widget
  • Hardware Monitor


I use super AKA Windows key as my main modifier. also with alt, shift, and ctrl


Keybind Action
super + enter Spawn terminal
super + w Spawn web browser
super + x Spawn color picker
super + f Spawn file manager
super + d Launch applications launcher
super + shift + d Toggle dashboard
super + q Close client
super + ctrl + l Toggle lock screen
super + [1-0] View tag AKA change workspace (for you i3/bsp folks)
super + shift + [1-0] Move focused client to tag
super + space Select next layout
super + s Set tiling layout
super + shift + s Set floating layout
super + c Center floating client
super + [arrow keys] Change focus by direction
super + shift + f Toggle fullscreen
super + m Toggle maximize
super + n Minimize
ctrl + shift + n Restore minimized
alt + tab Window switcher

Mouse on the desktop

Mousebind Action
left click Dismiss all notifications
right click App drawer
middle click Toggle Dashboard
scroll up/down Cycle through tags

... And many many more! for more information check awesome/configuration/keys.lua