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Second part of my gemini adventure, a gemini server! &client


  • clone the repo
  • install openssl development headers
  • build with cargo build --release
  • run the binary with a certificate as the argument
  • check out the help for more information

Note: rustls requies that the certificates are DER encrypted. If no certificates are supplied and found, iss will generate self signed certificates for you.

Content structure

You can set the directory to the content with the root option in your config file, iss will read the content and certificates from there. Structure of the root directory:

 |-> certs 
 |    |-> cert.der
 |    |-> key.der 
 |-> content 
      |-> index.gmi 
      |-> ...

Note that the certs will only be generated there if you supply none. You still need to set the cert and key options in your config file.