Theme template for Replugged
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Replugged theme template

Use this template



  1. Create a copy of this template
  2. Clone your new repository and cd into it
  3. Install dependencies: pnpm i
  4. Build the theme: pnpm run build
  5. Reload Discord to load the theme

The unmodified theme replaces the Discord font with the old Whitney font. Credit to @overimagine1 for the snippet!


The code must be rebuilt after every change. You can use pnpm run watch to automatically rebuild the theme when you save a file.

Building using the script above will automatically install the updated version of the theme in Replugged. You can find the theme folder directories for your OS here.
If you don't want to install the updated version, append the --no-install flag: pnpm run build --no-install.

You can format the code by running pnpm run lint:fix. The repository includes VSCode settings to automatically format on save.

API docs coming soon(tm)


For theme distribution, Replugged uses bundled .asar files. Bundled themes can be installed to the same theme folder as listed above.

This repository includes a GitHub workflow to compile and publish a release with the asar file. To trigger it, create a tag with the version number preceded by a v (e.g. v1.0.0) and push it to GitHub:

git tag v1.0.0
git push --tags

The Replugged updater (coming soon™) will automatically check for updates on the repository specified in the manifest. Make sure to update it to point to the correct repository!

You can manually compile the asar file with pnpm run build-and-bundle.


Make sure Replugged is installed and running.

Open Discord settings and make sure the Replugged tab is there. If not, follow these instructions to install Replugged.

Make sure the theme is installed.

Check the theme folder for your OS and make sure the theme is there. If not, make sure you have built the theme and that the NO_INSTALL environment variable is not set.
You can run await replugged.themes.list() in the console to see a list of themes in the theme folder.